Sint-Pieter Tour (Duration: 1 hour)

Climb with us the highest mountain in the Netherlands and that quite easily. Our Segways take you comfortably the 107 meters up to Sint Pieter. From here you have a wonderful view over the Meuse valley and the city of Maastricht.

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Price: 39 Euro per person

City Tour (Duration: 2 hours)

We begin our tour with the rise to Sint Pieter (107m) and there we have a perfect view over the city of Maastricht. Then you will have the opportunity to look at several attractions. We will ride through the "purgatory", we hear how it sounds in the Conservatory and get to know what they do with old churches. It goes on over to Vrijthof, Theater and Bonnefantenmuseum.

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Price: 59 Euro per person

Meuse Tour (Duration: 3 hours)

From the Segway-Point-Maastricht, we glide effortlessly on the mountain Sint Pieter (the highest mountain of the Netherlands 107m). From there we enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Then we drive along the Meuse and find ourselves soon in Belgium. There we cross a natural park and then we can join a restaurant-ship for a small break before we make our way back.

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Price: 79 Euro per person

Ship & Segway Tour (Duration: 3 hours)

In cooperation with ship rental "Maastrichtsloep" we offer a special experience with boat and Segway for groups. One half of the group starts on Segway-Point-Maastricht, while the other half boards the ship on the historic inland port ('t Bassin). Both groups meet at a restaurant-ship near Oud Rekem (Belgium). After a little refreshment, the ship's crew rises to the Segways and vice versa.

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Price: 49 Euro per person (based on 20 persons)

Requirements for participation:

Minimum age: 16 years
Driver-licence is not required.
Weight: 45 kg – 118 kg.
You do not suffer from epilepsy, thrombosis, heart or circulatory disease, stroke consequences, walking difficulties, loss of balance or similar handicaps.
Pregnant women are not allowed to participate.
You have prior to tour start neither alcohol nor drugs consumed. The same applies during the tour.
You must be able to partake in traffic.

You should bring with you:

- Fun and good humor
- Your tour voucher (if booked in advance)
- Solid shoes with flat heels
- Clothes according to the weather (use gloves if necessary)
- Bicycle-Helmet (we also have rental helmets)

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